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Эксклюзивная минусовка

Anggun - Saviour remix(вариант студии "Бандж")

Как получить эксклюзивную минусовку(вариант студии "Бандж") в формате mp3 320 кбит/сек?
Очень просто!

Обращайтесь: triobandg@yandex.ru

Anggun - Saviour remix (минусовка) Скачать

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    Anggun - Saviour

    Somewhere between my sleep
    Somewhere beneath my skin
    In places I can't see
    Something is known to be a sin

    Hiding inside my eyes
    Burning from deep within
    Something that needs a lie
    Trying to turn into a sin


    Rescue me before I lose control
    Rescue me from this fire in my soul
    There's only you who can stop me from falling
    I need a saviour, need my saviour

    Rescue me before I lose my head
    Rescue me from the sight of regret
    Cause only your love can stop me from wanting
    I need a saviour, you're my saviour

    Knocking behind my door
    Asking to be let in
    Something I have ignored
    Wanting to be a sin

    It's been around for so long
    And waiting to begin
    I know that it's so wrong
    Can't let it be a sin

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